Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Makin' Over Mona...Don't Mind If I Do

Well if there is one thing that will get 5th graders chatting, it is the ability to augment Mona Lisa's tits. The Ad agency who put together Making Over Mona seems to agree. The program allows you to give Ms. Lisa botox injections, collagen and breast implants.

The designers hope that you will put Mona Lisa through so much surgery that the end product will look something like this.
After you have been through disgusted they then provide you with the real answer to go through a "renaissance of beauty." Dr. Comenge Biotexture Cream seems to be the non-evasive solution to that youthful glow you may have lost.

If one was able to horribly disfigure Mona then I feel like it might of scored higher but as a result this gets a 4.1

Monday, December 17, 2007

from the bay area chamber of commerce

a viral video made to make us want to visit the bay area!

the smooth sounds of coldplay will always welcome me.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

on the 3rd day of hannukah true love sent to me this nifty little virus (as in viral ad). ever wondered what you would look like as an elf? well, thanks to office max, you can now find out!!!!!
we're having fun here, are you?

this fun little app certainly brightened our holiday season. one jewish grinch (featured below) said only soccer moms in the suburbs would like this little ditty. of course he's wrong.
this little grinch hates christmas

From 1 to mega-viral, this one is about a 7.2. thank you "elf yourself."

i know some friends who are getting gifts from Office Max along with their $18.

viral video or viral ad?

oh nokia...... you almost fooled me.

and thanks for the commentary...

score: 2.1

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Viral Campaign For NBC?


Listen Up

Here's a one man campaign to spread the word about the truth about X.

Cherry Chocolate Rain? I'll Talk About It!

It seems as though Dr. Pepper has recruted Mr. Zonday for a bit of viral remix. This has a little over a million views and the orignal chocolate rain has over 12 million, I would say that this video has not spread like Dr. Pepper had hoped.

Maybe because when chocolate translates into soda it usually taste like cherry chocolate......poop.

Overall, on a scale of 1 to Mega-Viral (1 being Sony's 2005 graffiti PSP campaign and Mega-Viral being Adult Swim's LED Mooninite campaign)

We give this a 5.3